Direct import goods from China is easier than you think. Distance, language and concerns should not prevent the trip to China, because we offer a complete service to facilitate everything. Now I teach you step by step how to do it:


Make travel advice to a purchasing agent which like us, to customize your plan purchases based on your products, which only guides you to the right place to make your compras. We provide the most appropriate service to make your shopping trip easier in everywhere (both markets and factories) in China .... Read more


Prepare your trip to those cities or factories where the markets are, major cities for business are as follows:


International Business Yiwu City is one of the largest global database General Merchandise, with more than 62,000 Estandes, dedicated to the 16 industries, 4,202 categories, 33217subcategories and 1,700,000 products. The area of this city is more than 4,000,000 square meters, divided into five professional areas by industry ... Read more



Ningbo is a coastal city which has a rich history of import and export for more than 150 years. In 2015, Ningbo has become the fifth highest volume port of container movements globally. Read more



Guangzhou was the first window f knowing China for global traders. Since 1957 Canton Fair (Canton Fair) takes place twice a year for three weeks, where more than 20,000 companies (manufacturers, buyers, agents etc) participate...Read more



Shantou is well known internationally as the "the world of toys." More than 70% of toys are produced in Shantou for export to other country. We have 6,000 ㎡ of exhibition halls and carry 100,000 items in all categories of toys…Read more


Being a highly developed region and the third most attractive city in China, Shenzhen is a true gateway to the world. That city is the first special economic zone of China, which attracts many foreign professional investors, entrepreneurs and it is a vibrant economy city with massive wealth ...Read more



If you plan to visit other factories in Yiwu, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shantou and Shenzhen, we will offer customized services for you. We will have your organization to arrange your trip to save you timeRead more


Confirm your order with your purchasing agent and contact your customs clearance agent for professional advice about the goods that you want to import (taxes and formalities necessary docuementos etc.)

Contact your shipping agent (if applicable) about the dispatch plan to get the best rate, of course this process can be simplified if you want to handle the logistics office with your purchasing agent, they will prepare everything.

Pay your purchasing agent and he will sent all the necessary documents to the office of your country.

After the payment to get the container with the necessary documents.


If still have something in doubt please contact us for more details, all free!

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