Yiwu Futian Market is one of the largest global base of General Merchandise with over 62,000 booths, dedicated to the 16 industries, 4,202 categories, 33217subcategories and 1,700,000 kinds of products. The area of this market is more than 4,000,000 square meters, divided into five professional industry areas.


District 1: Artificial flowers, toys, jewelry, hair ornaments, decorations, Christmas decorations, crafts


District 2: Suitcases, briefcases, backpacks, umbrellas, tools, padlocks, electrical products, watches, home appliances


District 3: Lenses, stationery, sporting goods, cosmetics, buttons, ribbons and other clothing accessories.


District 4: Socks, gloves and scarves, hats, shoes, underwear, belts, o other commodity


District 5: imported goods, bedding, textiles, materials, textile, accessories Auto & Moto


ZHAO HAI MARKET-glassware, ceramics, pictures and more


That market is full of suppliers of glassware (cups, vases, jars etc.), ceramics (plates, bows, wells, cups etc.) and pictures (characters and landscapes). The store sells produtos inventories (especially glassware and ceramics) most, that means, some products only can be sent once and not repeated. Providers here sometimes may offer you very competitive prices, but there are times that they send goods with unexpected quality. So quality control is vital for doing business in that market. I give u some tips for buying the glassware and ceramics:

1. In order something, always ask if have inventory, perhaps it needs high amount to produce.


2. Fast confirm the order to the supplier in case sell to other people who cash purchase


3. Requires that the provider can do the best packaging for greater protection of fragile things, it is likely that will get more than 30% of broken if you do not mind about it from the beginning.


4.Learn how to distinguish between the ceramic quality, because there are many providers that sell quality third or fourth (poor quality usually with apparent damage) to customers.




1.Prepare letter of invitation / Book hotel for you


2. Shuttle services to airport and market


3.Accompany in the market, take noting details of all the selected products, taking pictures etc.


4.Check your order with suppliers and follow the production every day


5.Pay to supplier.


6.Collect the goods to our own warehouse and do quality control. each reference we take at least 4 photos and make a quality report, reject the products with damaged or poor quality.


7.Contact shipping agent to load the container


8.Prepare all necessary documents to the Customs of your country (BL / Invoices / Packing List / Certification etc.)


Our philosophy is to customize the service procurement agency to meet the needs of each customer type. Depending on the type of business, products, and customer country, we send professional employees to accompany the whole process of purchasing, we guide to the best place to buy and help fight prices, explain detail of products, package, colors, etc. By working with us, you will have no concern of language, transportation, hotels, meals, because we care your need 100%.


If you have questions as "How many charge for this services?", "What is your way to pay?" "The MOQ?" Please contact us by email or telphone, we are at your service 24 hours a day!


By the way, are you worried about the weird food in China? We have prepared special services to guide u to restaurants of Latin America, Turkish, Italian, French and more ...


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