Shantou is well known internationally as the "the world of toys." More than 70% of toys in Shantou are produced for export to other country. Our showroom has 6000㎡with over 100,000 items in all categories of toys.


How we work in Shantou with those toys?

Choose toys in the huge exhibition hall, it can quickly quote prices with the portable machine


Remove the proforma and confirms the order


Take the order and pay the providers


Consolidate toys in our store


Calidad.Tomamos to control each reference at least 4 photos and make a quality report, reject the products with flaws or poor quality.


Contact shipping agent to load the container


Prepare all necessary documents to the office of your country (BL / Invoice / Packing List / Certification etc.)



Factories of toilet, artificial flowers and undergarments,etc

Besides of those toys, exist many factories toilets, artificial flowers and undergarments in that area, most of them go away as 1-2 hours drive from Shantou. Our company has comfortable car to visit these factories.




tips for traveling to Shantou


If you want to go to Shantou, from Guangzhou (Canton Fair) only need to fly 1 hour. And then from the airport to the center spends about one hour by car. That city is not so big and the hotel is cheap usually, those best hotels of 5 stars are SHERATON ($ 120 / NIGHT) REGENCY ($ 70 / NIGHT) MERITUS Hotel Shantou ($ 80 / NIGHT), those clean and comfortable hotel cost between 50 and 60 dollars per night. Regarding the food, in this city there are still do not have so many international restaurants as Yiwu, but there are some good mixed type (in those only restaurant menu is Japanese dishes, Turkish, Western etc).


Near Shantou there is a small island called Nan'ao. This island can be a paradise of summer, bikini, sea and beaches. When you are in Shantou, be sure to get a few days in Nan'ao to enjoy the coastal scenery and have fun.


For further consultation, call our number or write e-mail, our people are at your service 24 hours!


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